In 2018 we created Meeple Design an online store dedicated to merch for board gamers...

sharing our love for tabletop gaming and providing BGG’s a place where they can find that perfect t-shirt to wear during their gaming session or that special piece of artwork to hang on their wall, paying homage to their favourite games.

In 2023 we expanded with Meeple Coffee to share our second love of coffee and create the first Tabletop Gaming focussed coffee brand in the United Kingdom. We aim to become the go to provider of coffee for board game sessions and to board game cafes across the UK.


We are a Husband and Wife team from Brighton, UK, and as a couple of Board Game Geeks, we spend our free time creating our perfect civilisations, maintaining our bird habitats, fighting monsters and developing industrial Lancashire. Our enjoyment of Tabletop Gaming inspired us to create Meeple Design as a brand designed by board gamers for board gamers.

Hannah Webb

I'm the curator of the website, social media pages and all round oversee of Meeple Design.

When I'm not beating Tony at board games, I'm watching the latest season of Rupaul's Drag Race.

Tony Webb

I'm the product creator and maintain the website.

When I'm not losing to Hannah at board games, I'm probably playing Vampire Survivors.


Board games bring friends and family together, helping create new shared memories and sense of community. Meeple Design is a brand designed by board gamers for board gamers.

Support our brand and help us create new products for your favourite game to wear at your favourite convention, adorn your walls with, have your morning coffee in and snuggle up on the sofa with.