Speciality Coffee for Tabletop Gamers

Meeple Coffee's are inspired by different elements of Tabletop Gaming and feature unique artwork. Created as a way to enjoy your hobby throughout the day and when you need it most to accompany you & your gaming group during your gaming session.

We have a variety of blends to complement every gaming session.

Coffee Accessories

Shop merch and equipment to pair with your favourite coffee for your next exploration.

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Ethics & Sustainabilty

We ensure that ethics & sustainability are core components of Meeple Coffee by pairing with small speciality coffee roaster we aim to deliver the best coffee possible in the most ethical way. We work with a select number of independent green coffee suppliers, whose goals are to ensure that the supply chain is fully traceable, sustainable and help to bring social change within coffee-growing communities.

Beyond that, we use recyclable coffee bags across our entire range and our coffee roasting is carbon offset in an aim to be as carbon neutral as possible.

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Coffee Subscription

Save money through a no obligation subscription to your favourite coffee(s) and ensure you never run out of coffee during an important adventure.

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Meeple Design

If you like our artwork then check out Meeple Design for even more officially licensed board game merchandise.

Unique to meepledesign.com and designed specifically for tabletop gamers.

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