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Explorer's Treasure Coffee

Explorer's Treasure Coffee

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A omni roast Honduras coffee, with notes of honey, caramel, milk chocolate and wafer

Explorer's Treasure is the prize that brave explorers search for, seeking its sweet and syrupy flavours with notes of rich chocolate.


Wholebean: Wholebean coffee allows you to grind your own coffee right before brewing, to keep the freshness. Some coffee machines have a grinder built-in, or you can buy one separately.

Cafetiere: French Press or Cafetiere coffee uses a coarse grind. Grounds are separated from the coffee and there is no filter involved, so the oils from the coffee remain.

Filter: Filter coffee grind is medium, like sea salt, and is made by pushing high-pressure water through fine coffee grounds, where the brew drips through a filter.

Aeropress: Aeropress coffee uses a fine grind, and creates a single serving of coffee that drips through a filter to separate the coffee from the grounds.

Espresso: Espresso coffee uses a fine, powdery grind. It has a lower ground to water ratio, and is usually thicker and more intense.


Our coffee is freshly roasted each Monday and orders are dispatched on Wednesday and Friday via Royal Mail 24hr service.


All our coffees are roasted days before it arrives through your door.


100% of our coffees are speciality grade and always traceable back to the farmer that produced them.


We suggest you keep the packaging tightly closed or store it in an airtight container. The coffee is best kept at room temperature (away from moisture) and consumed within 1-2 weeks.

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Venturing through ancient temple ruins, the intrepid explorer's heart raced with anticipation as they stumbled upon a long-forgotten treasure chest, hoping that it contained the fabled coffee beans rumoured to possess unparalleled flavour, ready to unlock a new level of aromatic delight.


    Explorer's Treasure is grown in the La Paz region of Honduras at an altitude of 1250 to 1700 MASL.


    Embark on thrilling expeditions and unravel hidden mysteries in Lost Ruins of Arnak, Diamant, Treasure Island or The Quest for El Dorado, where the discovery of uncharted territories and ancient treasures is perfectly complemented by the rich flavours of a well-crafted cup of coffee.


    An omni roast coffee features a balance of light and dark roast notes to brings out the natural flavour profile and helps create beans that work for all kinds of brewing method.


    Honey, Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Wafer

  • 100% RECYCLABLE:

    Meeple Coffee packaging is fully recyclable and carbon neutral.


    Provides a more consistent flavour profile.